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1972 Bach Stradivarius 180S37 ML Bb trumpet 

$2,200 plus shipping

email us about this trumpet - centexbrass@gmail.com

This is a  Bach Strad that was made in 1972.  Bachs from the early 1970's are some of the best playing horns around and this one is a good one.  All slides are smooth.  Has 1st valve slide trigger.  Valves are fast and compression is excellent.   

When we received this horn, it had a lot of wear to the silver and the valve compression was weak.  The leadpipe had some red rot in it, so we had the leadpipe replaced with a new Bach 25 pipe (same as  original) and sent it to Anderson's Plating for fresh silver plating.  Anderson's is located in Elkhart Indiana, across the street from the Bach plant and has done all the plating for Bach for years, so this horn now has "factory" new silver plating.  The replating process can "fill in" the engraving on the bell, which was already a bit worn down, so we had the bell engraving "hand retraced".  The valves have been replated and refitted by Charlie Melk.   The result is a like-new early Elkhart Bach that will now last a lifetime.  The photos show plastic valve guides, but a set of brass ones have been installed, as would have been originally supplied with this early Elkhart Bach.

Comes with a vintage  Bach  case in good condition. 

Silver-Plated Finish
Standard Body #37 Bell 
Standard Construction #25 Mouthpipe In Silver Finish.
Valves: Monel Piston.
1st valve slide trigger
Fixed 3rd Valve Finger Ring With Slide Stop
Bell: 4.8 #37 One-Piece.
Bore: .459" Medium-Large Bore.
Enclosed Spring Barrel

Top Action Bronze Springs
Two Point Brass Valve Guides
One Water Key

email us about this trumpet - centexbrass@gmail.com


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