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2004 Bach Stradivarius model 189 Eb/D trumpet with 239 bell and two sets of slides  


Bach 189 Eb/D

email us about this trumpet - centexbrass@gmail.com

This is a Bach Stradivarius model 189 Eb/D trumpet with a 239 bell. 

Bach's Soprano trumpet has an easy high register enabling the use of open harmonics and avoidance of cross-fingerings. This results in a clear, brilliant, and freely responding tone. This soprano trumpet features a .459-inch bore plus a 239 taper bell, and an additional set of slides to change the pitch to the key of D.

The silver plating is in excellent condition.  As with other horns from this collection, it was very lightly used. 

This trumpet is clean inside and out.  All slides are smooth.  Has been upgraded with gold plated trim and heavy bottom caps.

Has 1st valve saddle  Valves are fast and compression is excellent.

Comes with a Bach fabric covered case in very good condition with the extra slides stored in a soft padded cloth in the small compartment. 

Key: Eb/D
Bore: .459"
Leadpipe: Standard
Leadpipe Material: Yellow brass
Bell: 4.8" #239 taper, one-piece, hand-hammered
Bell Material: Yellow brass
Valves: Monel pistons
1st Valve Slide Adjustment: Thumb saddle
3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Fixed ring with slide stop

email us about this trumpet - centexbrass@gmail.com


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