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1946 Olds Super Recording Bb trumpet 

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This is a 1946 Olds Super Recording that is original un-restored condition.  The Super Recording represents the pinnacle of Olds craftsmanship and was the horn that attracted legendary trumpet virtuoso Rafael Mendez to become an Olds artist and later to lend his name to the Mendez model.  The Super Recording was actually known at the time as the "Recording model Super trumpet."  Prior to its introduction in Olds lineup.  Thus the new model built on the reputation of the Super. The Super Recording had three different design phases during its 12 year production.  This represents the middle of the three phases and is the most rare.  

This has the "dual leaderpipe" that is referenced in Olds literature. It has a brass leadpipe with a nickel silver sleeve that is placed over the receiver and leadpipe.  It is has a brass tone ring, which was commen for this era (nickel-silver that was replaced with brass on war-time and early post-war models.)  In addition to the tone ring engraving, this version has the word RECORDING running lengthwise down the bell tube and into the bell flare. These older Super Recordings also have lighweight bodies (compared to later models) Supers and Super Recordings after sn 19xxx have thicker brass tubing. The bell on some of these Super Recordings have a higher copper content than the rest of the brass on the horn, and this is one of those.  Not as much copper as Recording models, but definitely more of a gold brass bell.    The original case in included in good condition.  Most of the original lacquer is intact and all parts appear to be original.  Very rare to find a Super Recording in this type of original condition.  

This trumpet clean inside and out.  All slides are smooth.  

Engraving is sharp and clear.   No signs of any past repairs.

Valves have excellent compression, so they may have been replated in the past, or this horn was played very little.

Nickel plated trim and brass lacquer finish
Balanced forward valve section
Nickel silver outer leaderpipe
Nickel plated valves with offset middle valve
Nickel Silver tone ring
3rd Valve Slide Finger Ring  
Bell Engraving
Bore: .460" Medium-Large Bore
Matching serial numbers on all valve pistons, top caps and valve stems
Matching last two digits of serial number on bottom caps and inside of each slide tube
Two Pin Brass Valve Guides
Dual Trombone style lever water keys 

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