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1971 Schilke B3 Bb trumpet


email us about this trumpet - centexbrass@gmail.com

This is a 1971 Schilke B3 trumpet in very good condition.  The B3 is a large bore (.463) with the 5 inch bell.   1st slide saddle and 3rd slide fixed ring with stop screw.  

When we received this trumpet, it had dents in the bell and a few other locations as well as a some silver wear.  Most notably, someone had stripped most of the silver plating on the bell, leaving large sections of the copper  bell exposed.  We sent this horn to Charlie Melk and he removed the bell and had it replated at Andersons.  While still not a pristine 70's Schilke, it is now in very good cosmetic condition and is an excellent player.  There is some evidence of spot silver plating repair on the valve casing and there is a patch on the top side of the 3rd valve slide just in front of the finger ring.  
Specs from the Schilke catalog:

Model B3 Bb Trumpet
Bore: L -.463" (11.75 mm)
Bell: M – 5" (127.00 mm) Bell with #3 taper

We made an inquiry about this trumpet and here is the response from Schilke:  

According to our records, serial number 4873 corresponds to a B3 Bb Trumpet that was manufactured in 1971. Assuming the bell is original to the instrument, it should be a #3 taper (which used to be called a “C” bell). The records do not indicate bell material. The standard bell material for a B3 nowadays is yellow brass. But 50 years ago, Renold Schilke made many of the B & X models in both yellow brass and copper, as he liked both and spent time determining which he preferred to become the permanent standard for each model. My assumption would be that your trumpet has a standard copper #3 bell, the same thickness bell as would be used on a B5 or B6.

Does not come with a case.

email us about this trumpet - centexbrass@gmail.com