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1975 Schilke B3 Bb trumpet


email us about this trumpet - centexbrass@gmail.com

This is a 1975 Schilke B3 trumpet in very good condition.  The B3 is a large bore (.463) with the  large  5 inch bell.   1st slide ring and 3rd slide fixed ring with stop screw.  This trumpet is clean inside and out. 
Original silver plating is in overall good condition with a few scratches but no brass showing.   Valves are in very good condition with great compression.   There are are no dents or signs of repairs. 

Specs from the Schilke catalog:

Model B3 Bb Trumpet
Bore: L -.463" (11.75 mm)
Bell: M – 5" (127.00 mm) Yellow Brass Bell with #3 taper

Comes with a non-original case in good condition.

email us about this trumpet - centexbrass@gmail.com