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1957  Selmer K-Modified Bb cornet       


email us about this trumpet - centexbrass@gmail.com

This is a 1957 Selmer K-Modified Bb cornet.  This cornet is in excellent original condition.  These cornets are fairly rare.  It has a .464 bore, which was the standard on these cornets.  The original lacquer is in excellent condition and has darkened to a honey gold hue.  There are two small dents on the leadpipe that we've chosen not to have removed because they are small and would likely leave signs of repair that would be more noticeable than the small dents.  

It has the typical Selmer first slide trigger and nickel-silver inner slide tubes, top and bottom caps and finger buttons.  Valves and slides are fast and smooth and compression is excellent.  This horn is being sold for the family of a local player who collected a number of fine instruments and took great care of them.  Although we can't confirm it, this is likely a one owner horn.  

Comes with a gold plated Bach 7CW cornet mouthpiece in very good condition. Does not come with a case, but we can provide a generic case or gig bag if you need one.  

We have a companion Selmer cornet for sale from the same collection and if someone purchases the pair, they will come in a nice Bach double case.

email us about this trumpet - centexbrass@gmail.com

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